Soil health card scheme

1. It was launched in 2015 in Rajasthan.

2. The card informs farmers about nutrient status of the soils along with the recommendation on appropriate dosage of nutrients to improve soil health and fertility.

3. The card will be issued Once in every 3 years to farm so that nutrients deficiency can be regularly detected and improved.

4. The aim is to provide soil health card to all 120 million farm holdings by December,2017.

5. In the first phase of the scheme(2015-2017), 100 million SHC have been distributed.

6. The second phase began on may 1,2017 , and will continue for the year 2017 to 2019.

7. Recently, the government has updated the funding pattern for soil health card scheme implemented by Ministry of Agriculture under National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture.

8. Accordingly, the fund sharing pattern would be 90:10 for North Eastern and Himalayan states and 60:40 for other states and 100% borne by central government in UTs.

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